Our Candidate of Record

Meet Carson Binda

Carson Binda is the Conservative candidate for Vancouver Kingsway who believes Canadians need a strong recovery plan to get our nation back on track while we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Canadians need fresh faces in Ottawa, and Carson Binda brings the experience, vibrancy and passion that we need.

Carson has profound experience including spending more than a decade living in post-conflict societies including: Yemen, Kosovo and Nigeria. Carson has spent the past years living in Vancouver, while studying Political Science at the University of British Columbia and becoming keenly aware of the pressing issues that matter to British Columbians. Carson also wore the uniform of our military with pride while serving as a Logistics Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces reserves. 

Carson Binda is someone who has lived around the world and seen the best and worst of people, of governments, and the human condition. Because of this, as well as his comprehensive education in political science at UBC, he knows how important it is to fight for Canadian values that respect rights, that allow for individuals to succeed based on their hard work.